ALMs Ministries   
Activities Committee
The activities committee provides opportunities for our members, guests, and the community to come together to celebrate the continued blessings from God. This is accomplished through events like cookouts, family fun nights, and our annual community outreach day.
Building One Another Home Group Ministry
The purpose of the BOAHG is to mature the saints by building up and encouraging one another as we review and discuss the sermons of the Sunday Worship Services.
Bus Ministry
Provide transportation for those in the Fredericksburg City Limits for all services and special events.
Children under Construction (August)
Children under Construction is a summer program held for one week in August. It gives children and youth an opportunity to study the Bible together, develop healthy relationships, make crafts, cook, and participate in other learning activities.
Clothes Ministry
The purpose of The Clothes Ministry is to mature the saints by focusing on compassion.  Set up clothing and other items in The Harmon Hall for visitors to take, at least one Tuesday each month depending on the number of donations received. Distribute hygiene bags/Bible tracks to visitors at Community Meal.
Community Bible Study
The purpose of the Community Bible Study is to provide a monthly study of the Word of God for children and youth in order that they might develop a personal relationship with the Lord, grow spiritually, and learn how to use the Bible in everyday life situations.
Community Meal Ministry
Serves to provide a nutritious meal every Tuesday evening for anyone who comes, but particularly for the poor and needy; and to show God’s love towards all visitors so that they will eventually come to know the Lord personally. A Bible study is provided for those who choose to participate.
Culinary Ministry
Ministers to ALMs and to other churches and organizations outside ALMs by preparing and serving dinners, luncheons, wedding receptions, and the like; provides training for culinary workers.
Dance Ministry
Worships the Lord through dance, creating an atmosphere for the manifestation of the glory of God in the midst of His people , that they, too, might desire to worship Him; presents the gospel through dance, in order that life-changing ministry might take place in the lives of God’s people.
Deacons Ministry
Cares for and renders service to God’s people at ALMs; performs various services of a practical nature that relieve the pastors and ministers of work that might interfere with their spiritual oversight; assists in the serving of the Lord’s Supper and with baptisms.
Discipling Ministry
The purpose of the Discipling Ministry is to disciple new believers and others who make a new commitment to Christ through a ministry of Arm of the Lord Ministries, reaching out to these believers promptly following their decision. In addition, this ministry provides group discipling to those persons who would like further grounding in the basics of the Christian faith, and Bible studies for ALMs Community Meal guests. Our mission comes directly from the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20: “teaching them to observe all things that I [Jesus] have commanded you.” Therefore, we strive to teach believers the word of God and how to apply it to life situations, so that they grow in Christ-likeness.
Evangelism Ministry
The Evangelism Ministry is an outreach ministry that seeks to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as outlined in Mark 16:15 by planting seeds of faith into the lives of God’s people locally and moving forward to sharing around the world. This outreach ministry will fulfill its responsibilities as commanded by our Lord by serving the local community through service opportunities, community events and personal evangelism.
F.L.O.C.K Ministry
Helps train ALMs children in the ways of God, so that they become mature Christians after accepting Christ; encourages daily devotional time with the reading of God’s word, sincere and active participation in praise and worship, and witnessing.
Finance Committee Ministry
The Finance Committee was appointed by Pastor Bob to assist the Treasurer and Trustee’s in its oversight of the congregation’s finances.  The committee reports the financial information collected for the Treasurer to process a final report to the (Pastor) and (Head Trustee) and provides assistance with a proposed Annual Budget and report to the (Trustees) for their final decision.
Marriage Enrichment Ministry
Scripture is clear about marriage being a holy and divinely established covenant, and it is equally clear about our obligation for the husband and wife to honor & love each other. It is the belief and goal of the Marriage Enrichment ministry to nurture and grow marriages that will reflect Christ’s love for the Church and through the Word of God, we will never cease to learn and mature. 
Men’s Fellowship
Works to help every man of ALMs to become a devout man of God, walking in the power of the Holy Ghost as He has ordained; brings men to the knowledge that manhood and Christ-likeness are synonymous.
ALMs Music Ministry Team (includes Choirs and Praise & Worship)
As a mouthpiece for the Holy Spirit, leads the people of God in uplifting the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; sets the mood and tempo of the worship service, in order to lead others to Christ; and ushers the congregation into the presence of the Lord. Included in the Music Ministry are the following: the Praise and Worship leaders, the Gospel Choir, the Men’s Ensemble, the Children’s Choir, the musicians, and the sound and visual technicians.
Nursery Ministry
While recognizing that it is never too early to begin to teach little children about Christ-first by example and then by explicit teaching, lays the early foundations for developing future mature Christians, teaching the importance of God’s word, praise and worship, and prayer.
Pastoral Care Ministry
Blesses the pastors and their family by providing support, encouragement, love and regular prayer, and providing for special needs and services not included in their compensation.
Prayer Ministry
Serves to equip the church at ALMs as a house of prayer, and to help mature individual saints as worshipers and prayers after the pattern of Jesus. Provides weekly corporate prayer opportunities; provides regular intercession for Sunday worship services; encourages and teaches on prayer; and coordinates participation in special local, national and global prayer initiatives.
Protect the Seed Ministry
Seasoned Saints Ministry
The Seasoned Saints Ministry is for those age 55+.  We desire to make a heavenly difference in the church and the world. We want to be vessels unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work. We will be guided by the Holy Spirit. We minister at nursing homes, meet to discuss the word of God, plan to start a card ministry, and other outreach efforts. We want to be about our Father’s business – sharing the Gospel.
Sunday Church School Ministry
Equips and strives to mature its students with the knowledge and understanding of basic Christian foundational truths, so that they will walk out these truths in their everyday lives. Toward mission fulfillment, sponsors and co-sponsors many activities, e.g., Bible memorization activities, sponsorship of a student attending he Newark Christian School, coordination of annual vacation Bible school and drama presentations, and helping to supply food baskets and gifts for special needs.
Trustee Ministry
The Trustee Board provides day-to-day management of the Church.  The Board makes all business decisions based on the guidance from the Pastors.  The Board supports all ministries within the Church as well as community requests.  The Board ensures that the members are good stewards of God’s house through continual upkeep, coordinating repairs, and providing additional outsourcing, if and when needed. 
Ushers’ Ministry
Helps direct, protect and watch over ALMs worship services, so that worshipers can have a safe and comfortable environment to worship, without distractions. Welcomes members and visitors in a spirit of love.
Walk Out the Word Home Group
This home group meets for the purpose of Bible study, worship, prayer, and fellowship in other ways twice per month–on the second Saturday and fourth Sunday. Our desire is to walk out the word of God in accordance with the Scriptures.
WaWa Food Distribution Ministry
The purpose of this group is to serve the community with foods provided by WaWa stores. We assist families in need.
Women’s Ministry
Supports, nurtures and helps women to grow up in Christ Jesus, in order to fulfill God’s will and purpose for their lives as they serve Him and others. Ministers to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of women by teaching the Word of God, and providing ministry in special areas of need.
Young Ladies Living for Christ
A Youth Outreach Ministry, which helps the youth (age groups 9-14 and 15-19) in the community to come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and teaches them how to live their lives according to the Word of God, reaching out to their families, and providing spiritual and physical help by the grace of God.